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At Rancho Úha, we share the knowledge generated to people interested in knowing the productive alternatives of regenerative ranches, designed with Permaculture and agroforestry systems for semiarid climates, in a simple, joyful way that respects and lives in harmony with Nature, we open the call to people Who willingly want to learn and support the activities of the project development.

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PDC Scholarships

Due to September’s earthquakes in Mexico, we are offering scholarships for our next PDC course to those in charge of helping rebuild affected areas.

Earthquake and Hurricane Safe Construction: Superadobe

With the ferocity of hurricanes such as Irma happening right now, it’s a great time to discuss the advantages of building with Superadobe to withstand the devastation of hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons and other phenomena that can have negative impacts on a home or building.

{Vídeo} What is Permaculture?

Wayne Weiseman of “The Permaculture Project” and students of our PDC course discuss what permaculture means to them.

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