Acerca de Rancho Úha

Mexico’s Center of Permaculture

Rancho Úha is a sanctuary for people to live, work and travel in a way that harmonizes with nature. 

Our semi-arid land in Guanajuato, México is a holistic center for the education of permaculture principles, and the demonstration of these principles through our production and accommodation services. We are dedicated to the regeneration and care of the earth and hold the wellbeing of humans, animals and the environment as the #1 motive behind each of our services and products.

Úha means “earth” in the region’s indigenous language, Chichimeca-Jonaz. 

The names of our departments have also been inspired by the language of the local people, in alignment with our vision to harmonize with our environment. Approximately 2% of the local population still speak this language.

Our Mission

Create a shift in social consciousness toward a more regenerative culture through education, housing and tourism, while producing food, medicine and other natural products of optimal nutritional quality.

Our Vision

To become the leading global developer of regenerative ecological systems.

Our commitment to the earth motivates our adaption to environmental, economic and social changes in creating production, educational and housing models that work harmoniously with nature.